VCWG Terminology Playground

This website may be used to try out different variations of terminology that are being considered for the W3C Verifiable Claims Working Group specifications. You may use the drop-down menus below to select the term for the four roles under consideration and then read the example sentences incorporating the terms you selected.

Once you have selected the terminology that you prefer, you may vote on your preferences via the link provided at the bottom of this page.


The Subject is referred to by an Identifier.

The __________ issues Claims about Subjects using Identifiers.

Claims are stored in an online or offline Repository.

The __________ may present Claims directly to the __________. For example, providing a digital driver’s license directly to the __________.

The __________ may present Claims indirectly to the __________. For example, authorizing the __________ to retrieve a digital driver’s license on an as-needed basis from a Repository.

The __________ retrieves Claims either directly from the __________ or indirectly from a Repository.

The __________ verifies that the Claims represent statements made by the original __________.

The __________ verifies that __________ is either the Subject of the Claim or is entitled to represent the Subject of the Claims.

The __________ is typically the Subject of Claims. In some circumstances, where the __________ is not the Subject of the Claim, then the __________ must be able to prove that he/she is authorized to provide the Claims.

If you are happy with the terminology above, you can vote your preferences using the following poll:

VCWG Terminology Poll

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